Furniture Masters Company Group


About Us

The basis of the Group of Companies "Furniture Masters" is our qualified staff. Well-coordinated team work is aimed at achieving the goals set, with an emphasis on continuous development.

The main activities include:

  • Wholesale and retail sale of furniture fittings for soft and cabinet furniture;
  • Services for cutting and gluing wood chipboards and MDF boards;Wholesale and retail sale of furniture fittings for soft and cabinet furniture;
  • Sale of sawn timber, countertops and facades of MDF;
  • Manufacturing of individual furniture for clients;
  • Own production of dining and kitchen tables;
  • Supply of dining sets with chairs;
  • Sale of chairs made of ash and beech wood for living rooms and kitchen;
  • Sale of upholstered furniture, manufacturing of upholstered furniture - sofas, armchairs;
  • Manufacture and sale of furniture from solid wood of alder, ash or beech.

Group of Companies "Furniture Masters" understands that in order to materialize greater potential, it is necessary to make joint efforts and ensure mutually beneficial cooperation for all participants in the production and sale of furniture: manufacturers, specialized wholesale and retail distribution networks and furniture salons. Thanks to the above, the Group of Companies "Furniture Master" continuously holds strong positions in the Ukrainian market for more than 20 years.

The golden standard for the Group of Companies "Furniture Master" is the European model of relationships with partners, which is aimed at a detailed study of the needs of customers for the purchase of components and fittings, as well as the sale of finished products and continuous staff development. This model of cooperation helps us find the best ways to solve any problems that might arise.


The group of companies "Furniture Master" offers comprehensive services:

  • Professional consulting
  • Free delivery
  • Punctual delivery
  • Notification of prices and assortment changes
  • Warranty implementation

To ensure high-quality customer service, the Group of Companies "Furniture Master" works with maximum efficiency and personal responsibility of each employee. Highly qualified managers are responsible for the successful functioning of each of the activities. If there is a need, our customers can reach out to these managers directly.

Our company is located in the city of Cherkassy, in the center of Ukraine. The last 20 years this region is the leading cluster in the furniture industry of Ukraine.

  • Deliveries of soft, cabinet furniture and sets of dining tables and chairs;
  • Punctual delivery of furniture from Ukraine;
  • We will find new partners among manufacturers of furniture - small business;
  • We will place small orders - up to 50 000 euros a month and we will control the quality for foreign partners;
  • Notify about prices and changes in the assortment;
  • Performance guarantee;

Sofas & Couches

We have everything necessary for the production and supply for export from Ukraine of sofas, couches and armchairs according to the customer's request. In the price segment of the middle and "medium plus" we will make any upholstered furniture according to the sketches or drawings of the customer. We are ready to execute small contracts up to $ 50,000 per month with proper quality control and precise deadlines.

We have our own production of transformation mechanisms and all the raw materials and components to make the cost of the sofas at an acceptable level. We prefer to make simple sofas in the art nouveau style, for example, like products from IKEA.

Living Room Storage

As we said above, our production facilities and modern German equipment make it possible to produce housing furniture for a house made of particle board or MDF panels.

We are ready to place orders for small and medium-sized businesses to produce simple and high-quality home furniture for about $ 50,000 per month. You can feel free when asked for your sketches or pictures with dimensions for the preliminary calculation of the cost of furniture.

We are interested in cooperation with shops, hotels, sales agents.

The group of companies "Furniture Master" was founded in 2002.

Ukraine, Cherkasy, Smilyans'ka str. 140

phone +380 96 565-08-21 (Telegram, Viber)